First and foremost, always handle your PWF piece with clean, dry hands. Wall hangings will often lose a little bit of their shape during packaging and shipping.  After careful unboxing, feel free to gently run your fingers through it and if needed, gently pull the knotted areas to give it back its intended shape and style.  PLEASE be extremely GENTLE with this.  Your PWF piece is delicate and I cannot be responsible for damages made on your behalf.  To clean your PWF piece, remove it from the wall and gently sway it from side to side to release dust particles.  Any dust that has gathered on the branch can be blown away or brushed off with your hand. Please do not use any water or cleaning products!

If you're looking for something specific or want a one of a kind piece, I'm happy to work with you to create something uniquely yours.  Just shoot me an email and we'll go from there!

These listings are examples of finished pieces.   Many of my designs, aside from custom orders, can be replicated.  Though some cannot - particularly those that were inspired by the branch.  If you see a design in my Instagram feed that you are in love with and are open to alterations with a different sized and/or shaped branch, please reach out and I would be happy to work with you to create something as similar as possible!  Please keep in mind that Made To Order pieces will differ slightly from the original photo, as each branch is unique and each individual piece is handmade.

Interested in collaborating?  Send me an email!  

Just ask - don't be shy!  I do my best to respond to emails within 24 hours.